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United Missions in Africa – Good Deeds Made Simple

Swish (Sweden): 123 500 96 83 – IBAN: SE83 8000 0830 5500 4564 5892


Friends of Africa, Our world is changing in many ways. Chaos, conflicts, different kinds of uproars and many more dramatic shifts of managing our daily routines.

At the same time Our world/climate is drastically in constant change and this affects Our daily lives in many ways. Today we are living differently, we are using internet and spending more time in front of the computer and we are able to follow things that we are interested in almost in real time. Today you can donate money directly to projects that is of interest for you.

We need to come together now, to find new ways of handling Humanitarian efforts/constellations. With less middle hands and bureaucracy so that we can assist the people of Africa now, in their struggles for a better life and a better Africa.

Our vision is that we come together as one “BODY” and focus on real existing, working projects so these projects can expand and grow. Focus on Africa is one international NGO, non-profit umbrella organisations with volunteers that makes this happens.

We want to build Our FONA NetWorlding concept in order to create that project administration that can work more efficient in a world in constant change, without any “territorial” boarders of personal/organisational interests. Focus on Africa, is here to assist the people of Africa to grow in a healthy way.


To be close and with the people we are serving we are now opening our head office (Down town), in Maputo, the capitol of Mozambique and close to the international airport.

Organisations like UN reports that we as humanitarian aid organisations need to be close to the people and being a part of a sustainable development in Africa. We need to strengthen people to be in charge of their own change to a better life and democracy.

FONA is a Swedish Humanitarian Aid NGO, non-profit international umbrella organisation. Our new strategy is that all Our work will be executed locally in Africa.


The Director of FONA is Mr Leif Litsgård who has been working in Africa for many years and are very experienced from many large projects in Africa in cooperation of many worldwide organisations. He will develop the executive organisation locally with right competences and skills. (Mail us at: )

Our new colleague Mr Ted Holmes is Project Development Manager and will be in charge of all practical work and all our members/partners. He will also develop all FONA programs, digital platforms and media strategies. Mr. Ted Holmes have a large network/experiences of organisations, and working with aid and among young people all over Africa/worldwide.

Mr Ted Holmes FONA Project Development Manager Africa

Our second new colleague is Miss Maya NN, is Administration officer. Her role/responsibilities will be Administration as well as legal advisor in all Our projects.


All competences and skills in Our organisation, is also going to be offered to Our members/partners as rental services;

FONA RENT Program; (rent a function tailored for YOUR NEEDS)

  • Administration
  • Project Management
  • IT Development
  • WEB Development
  • Graphic Design,
  • Legal Advice e.g.
  • Education through iPROMEL

All competences within FONA at site, in local language. Mail us at:


FONA have a lot of volunteer workers within Our organisation and this program will be in focus now and developed within “FONA NetWorld”.


If you want to be a part of something new and exiting, well here is the offer to you. We need the following competences now:

  • Carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Teachers (above)
  • IT specialists
  • Radio/TV professionals
  • Programmers/Apps Development
  • Professional Project Applicants for finances/resources

and more: mail to:


These are times when we all have to step up and ask Ourselves: Can I give a small amount to Humanitarian Aid / month for a better tomorrow. You answer is probably YES. But the next question is much harder. DO YOU WANT!

SAY YES TO “GOOD DEEDS”, this might be your biggest adventure in life. Being a partner with FONA means that you will be one of us, welcomed to come and visit us in Africa.

Bank and Swish information (Sweden and International)


Swish (Sweden): 123 500 96 83

Bankgiro (Sweden): Bankgiro 102-7622 (Sparbanken i Enköping/Swedbank)


IBAN: SE83 8000 0830 5500 4564 5892 


Working with UN for Our common sustainable Social Development Goals

Focus on Africa will work close with UN and be a partner for the Goals and working actively for the UN Human Rights. Focus on Africa is also partners with ForumCiv/SIDA in Sweden

Focus on Africa is working closely in partnership with UN and all the goals of UN with Focus on Africa.

Focus on Africa – FONA focus Goals in Our Sustainable Social Development projects are:

  • UN Human Rights / Evangelical Christian Love
  • No Powerty, UN Goal number 1
  • Quality Education, UN Goal number 4
  • Gender Equalities, UN Goal number 5
  • Decent Work & Economic Growth, UN Goal number 8
  • Reduced Inequalities. UN Goal number 10

We believe that if we can create Sustainable Social Development through; Quality Education, Gender equality, every African will have a Decent work, the Economy will grow and Reduce inequalities will be reality, in Africa. (see:

We need Givers to stand Together with us for Africa!

NEEDS – Press on the “lights” for information about Our Needs

The “traffic light” is the definitions of Our needs:

RED LIGHT = STOP, is todays needs, most URGENT Needs
YELLOW LIGHT = ATTENTION, is “Tomorrows” needs
GREEN LIGHT = GO, is our OnGoing needs

Our commitment to Our Giver

FONA strives after and is focused on the following values within our organisation and in all our projects. This is a guarantee for You that we are very careful with Your gifts that you are giving us to be responsibly for:

  1. FONA strives to be a culture of excellence, with high standars and integrity.
  2. FONA strives for that We together with Our Givers, will have the opportunity of being close enough to people on site, to see and meet their needs.
  3. FONA strives for that We together with Our Givers, will have the opportunity of being part of something that makes a different. We are bench marketing all our projects against the UN Goals/Human Rights, once per quarter of a year.
  4. FONA strives for that We together with Our Givers, will give Our Givers ability to see and implement ways to economise for a better world in love and peace.
  5. FONA strives for that We together with Our Givers, can clearly See the result of their contributions.

Become a member of FONA now, “Good Deeds made Simple”

Read more about beeing a member of FONA on this link:

Bank and Swish information (Sweden and International)


Swish (Sweden): 123 500 96 83

Bankgiro (Sweden): Bankgiro 102-7622 (Sparbanken i Enköping/Swedbank)


IBAN: SE83 8000 0830 5500 4564 5892 


Focus on Africa – Partner Contracts is about True, Honest and Sustainable Social Business Development

Read more about beeing a member of FONA on this link:

FONA-NetWorlding – is Our World Wide Network to be built

We need to collaborate with common resources, help and finances, to Transform Africa now!.

FoAf – Net, our common strength worldwide.

FONA, together with iPromel – FBC – Focus Business Center, at iPromel in Maputo, Mozambique, starts Business Incubators to accelerate the growth of a new generation of businesspeople, that leads companies with ethical and moral rights, with the truth as weapon. This will guaranty sund economic growth and through this Decent work for the benefits of the people in Africa. (SDG 8)

Focus on Africa, is benchmarking all our work towards the 17 Sustainable Social Development goals presented by United Nations.

About Us

Focus on Africa – FONA was founded in 2012 in Sweden by a group members that was led by Mr Leif Litsgård. The purpose was to raise money and other resources for the many projects all over Africa that was led by Mr Leif Litsgård and his wife Berit.

The projects were different, like; building schools, working at the Government of Mozambique/Education, Different school projects with Swedish SIDA, Develop Education Center in Maputo/Mozambique, cloth, food, Building of a 15 m long fishing boat e.g

Now 2021 we are developing FONA (NGO) into an international umbrella non-profit Humanitarian Aid organisation, based on the values in the United Nations “Human Rights” and evangelical Christian values. FONA is fully focused on assisting all “Good Deeds” humanitarian projects in Africa, mainly Mozambique.

Serving is leading

By serving the people of Africa with the right resources, we are convinced that all 17 goals set by the UN and 30 articles on Human Rights form the basis of a society where citizens can live in freedom and security without fear for their own or their families’ lives.

Our services to serve Africa

We are offering services and assistance in many areas and we will continue to grow. We are also widths our efforts to develop our “voluntary” programs as well.

FONA NetWorlding

We will develop Our worldwide network and organise these contacts under the name FONA Networld. This member/partner database will be digitalised in order to find right people on the right job and also quickly find finances in all Our projects.

Our Main Goal/s

Focus on Africa (FONA) main goal is UN goal number 4 “Quality Education”, within the program for Sustainable Social Development “. We want to be another support instrument as an international umbrella organization to assist Africa to become a proud continent where everyone has the right to a quality education using modern media technologies.

Education is a human right

FONA’s main project that has been going on for> 1 year is iPROMEL (Institute for Media and Leadership in Maputo / Mozambique, where we are currently training a new leadership in Media and Management which, among other things, is based on the “human rights” exhibited by the UN. Dag Hammarskjöld says: “power must be replaced by leadership – leadership both in showing, without the language of power, the best way to develop their spiritual and material resources.” We must also strengthen “women’s right to Qualitative Education, regardless of time and place. of high-tech aids and distance education through different platforms, we can optimize knowledge flows in different ways to improve the conditions for peace and freedom.

FONA is here to stay and be a part of Transformation Management

We at FONA are fully aware that we say as Dag Hammarskjöld said; “Our principles are something far greater than the organization in which they are embodied”, or “we do not fill out the Costume “, yet. But the vision is there and the ambitions are high. We seriously believe that there are good people who want to be part of our vision in many wonderful ways.

Stockholm Sunday, August 22, 2021

Lars-Gunnar Eclundh

Director Focus on Africa

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