Organisation of FONA

Our Offices

Focus on Africa, Stockholm, Sweden, Director LG Eclundh, mail:, mobile: +46 (0) 709 567 700

International Consul: Mr. Sverker Littorin

CFO – Chief Financial Officer: Mr. Per Stenfeldt

Focus on Africa, Maputo, Mozambique. Project Country Manager: Mr. Ted holmes mail:, mobile: +258 87 784 7856

Board Members

Chairman of the board: Mr. Leif Litsgård (founder of Focus on Africa)

Member of the board: Allan Ekstedt (also representative for PMU)

Member of the board: Mrs. Emelie Tiger

Member of the board: Mr. Daniel Agnestrand

Deputies on the board: Mrs. Irene Ekman, Mr. Johannes Johansson, Mrs. Sandra Mohlin and Mr. Lars-Gunnar Eclundh (Director of FONA)

Nominees: Hans Eriksson and Kent Deivard

Auditor/s: Bo Lindahl and Jan Polsten (Authorized)

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